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It’s the great Australian dream — owning your own block of land, and building the perfect home to suit your family and lifestyle.

When it comes to choosing a block of land and builder, it’s important to make a careful, informed decision.

The right choices will make building your new home exciting, and deliver your home on-time and on-budget. The wrong choice could cost you time, money and unwanted stress.

These are our top tips for choosing a block of land and a builder.

Choose a location that has a diverse range of land available

At Hurtle Grove, the choice is yours. Choose your land, choose your builder, and choose a home that matches your lifestyle.

“Within a typical land estate, the land purchaser doesn’t have much choice when it comes to which builder they can use,” explains Hurtle Grove’s Development Manager, Simon Cross.

“Often, builders are only selling their own house and land packages, and the developers only produce one or two block sizes — for example, 10m or 12m wide blocks.

“At Hurtle Grove, we provide a range of different block types — 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m wide, and in some instances even larger — and we’re benching and providing the retaining walls, so it’s easier for the purchaser to build their home on.

“We also don’t have restrictions on which home builders can build at Hurtle Grove, and purchasers can choose their own floor plan and house elevation to suit their lifestyle.”

Establish your budget

Establishing your budget early on will help you make informed decisions, said Simon.

“When choosing a block of land and a builder, clients should have an end project budget for their house and land and finishing costs, which will help them make informed decisions,” he said.

“They then need to determine what sort of house and what sort of lifestyle suits them, which in turn will dictate the floorplan, which dictates what size block you need.”

Keep in mind that different house designs fit different blocks. Generally, larger blocks are able to accommodate more choices of houses.

“From there, the builders that you can choose from will be determined by the specs that that builder promotes, which relates back to your budget,” said Simon.

“At Hurtle Grove, we have a set of building envelope plans which clearly dictate whether you’re able to build a single or two story home on the block, and outline the driveway location, and whether you can build a garage on your boundary.

“Seperate to that, Hurtle Grove has implemented urban design guidelines that outline the principles to promote quality housing, and to assist in managing the quality in the overall estate.”

Research and referee-check builders

Research various builders websites to get a feel for the style and type of homes that they specialise in. Look at their portfolio of work and current house designs, and choose one who’s design style aligns with your own.

Conducting referee checks should be an integral part of choosing a builder to build your dream home. Some of the best information to assist you in selecting your builder can be gleaned by speaking to people who’ve dealt with them before.

Another way to research builders is by visiting display homes. Opening in 2022, Hurtle Grove will be home to the largest display home in Adelaide’s southern suburbs – with homes by Metricon, Bradford Homes, Statesman Homes, Oakford Homes, Weeks and Burbank and more on display.

“There will be 21 display homes within the project, and people are welcome to choose a floor plan and build with any of those builders, or choose their own builder,” said Simon.

Embrace the great Australian tradition of owning your own land, and building your own house. Explore the range of land for sale at Hurtle Grove now.

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