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Launched in June 2021, Hurtle Grove’s highly anticipated first release is being hailed a great success, with buyers purchasing blocks in Stage 1 in record time.

“Out of a total of 16 blocks available to the public in Stage 1, 15 have already been sold — there’s just one left,” said Development Manager, Simon Cross.

As a result of the significant demand, the release of land in Stage 2A was brought forward to Friday 2 July, with the sales process concluding on Wednesday 7 July. After just five days, all 15 blocks in Stage 2A had sold.

A shortage of quality land in Adelaide’s southern suburbs, paired with the quality of the Hurtle Grove development, have been contributing factors to Hurtle Grove’s early sales success, believes Simon.

“There’s been an ongoing lack of quality land supply in the southern Adelaide market for a number of years, and there just hasn’t been enough diversity,” he said.

“It’s been 10 to 15 years since there’s been a large release of land in the middle southern suburbs, so there’s lots of pent up demand coming from people living in the existing area, who are interested in building a new home.

“Hurtle Grove was in the master planning phase for 18 months, and I believe the success of these initial stages is a result of the high-quality master-planning and vision for the project.”

From families to downsizers, a range of buyers have been quick snap up blocks in the first land release at Hurtle Grove, thanks to a diversity of blocks on offer.

“There’s been a broad mix of buyers, and I think that’s largely due to the range of block types on offer, which have been deliberately selected to suit different families and lifestyles,” said Simon.

“So far, we’ve seen predominantly downsizers and families, that are already living in the existing area, and are trading up or trading over.

“They’re choosing to buy in Hurtle Grove because of its strong location close to main transport routes, and great access to shopping, schools, public transport – it’s in a really strategic location, close to existing infrastructure.

“They also think that’s its attractive-looking land, with the little bit of elevation and established trees around the outside,” he said.

It’s not just buyers that are seeing the value and potential in Hurtle Grove, with local real estate agents already making strong predictions about increased property values in the area.

“As the project matures, real estate agents believe there will be an uplift in house values, because you’ve got 245 new dwellings, sitting inside established suburb, which is quite new unique.”

If you missed out on securing your dream block in Stage 1 or Stage 2A, there will be more opportunities to purchase land at Hurtle Grove in the coming months.

“We’ve got two more land releases in Stage 2,” said Simon.

“The next release will be at the beginning of August, and we expect the final release for Stage 2 to be in late August.

“We then envisage new land releases for Stage 3 to hit the market in September and October 2021.”

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